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Aquatic Pets

sera has been manufacturing innovative high quality products for aquariums, ponds and terrariums for over 40 years, and is one of the most important manufacturers in these ranges worldwide.

The birth of sera took place in 1970. Josef Ravnak, who already had gained excellent reputation with the sales live food, founds his first enterprise and revolutionized the branch by using the freeze drying procedure, which was new at the time. This allowed conserving food organisms such as bloodworms, Tubifex, Artemia shrimps and Daphnia while optimally preserving the nutrients and vitamins.

From the very beginning, the high quality of the manufactured food is very important to Josef Ravnak. Product quality is permanently increased by careful product control and continuously improved production methods.

During the following years, the product range was constantly optimized and increased. Besides various food types such as the flake food vipan, brought onto the market in 1972 and still a bestseller today, the water conditioning range, among others with sera aquatan, is very important. Care and fertilization of aquarium plants and the development of treatments for aquarium fish are other important segments. Also, the water test series important for monitoring the water parameters is created and further improved and increased in a permanent process.

Towards the end of the Seventies, sera increasingly became involved in the pond sector. An extensive pond range from various food types, water conditioning and care products is being created. Products for turtles and other reptiles are also added to the product range.

Carefully developed water conditioning, treatment and care products, such as the biological water conditioner sera bio nitrivec, as well as the well proven water test kits and technical equipment, increase the range during the Eighties and the Nineties. The “technical” product range includes different products such as filters and filter media, meters for pH value and conductivity, a well balanced range of aquarium heaters and, last but not least, components for CO2 fertilization as to supply aquatic plants optimally.
The range for reptiles, birds and small animals includes natural treatment and care products.

The different nutritional requirements of fish and terrapins are reflected by the large number of different foods – ranging from flakes to tablets and granulates up to the very high quality FD foods.

Today, the range comprises an almost gapless complete range with matching products for the freshwater, marine, pond and terrarium ranges, which allows beginners a good start and experienced aquarists permanent joy with a fascinating hobby.

High quality complete systems ensure this and make everyday care easier, for instance the “intelligent” aquarium sera Biotop Nano Cube 60 or the sera reptil terra biotop 60 in the terrarium range. Ponds are a demanding hobby, as a pond and its inhabitants require special treatment. sera sets standards also in this case, for example with the sera KOI Professional Complete Set.

Besides technical highlights, sera always focuses on the joy of the hobby, the optimal health of the kept animals and an attractive appearance of the aquarium, terrarium or pond.

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