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At Nutrience, we use only the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients in our food. If it’s not good for your pet, you won’t find it in our Nutrience products.

Nutrience foods contain no by-products. By-products are parts of animals other than meat (much too unappetizing to list here), which can be used in pet food. They are a cheaper source of protein than chicken or chicken meal, but they are also inferior ingredients that are harder for your pet to digest, and provide less nutrition.

Nutrience foods do not contain fillers, and instead chooses high-quality ingredients for its formulas. Eating large volumes of food containing fillers also means more clean-up in the yard! Fillers are not dangerous, but are virtually useless ingredients in a food. These pass right through your pet, giving him very little nutrition. Fillers bulk up a food and help your pet feel satisfied after a meal, but since they contribute less to his nutrition than quality ingredients, he will need to eat a bigger portion of the food to meet his caloric and nutrient requirements. He eats more, you buy more; you both are better off buying and consuming less of a higher-quality food.

Nutrience foods contain no added glutens. Glutens are used in many pet foods as an additional source of protein that helps a food meet its minimum protein requirements. Glutens are a cheaper source of protein than meat, but they are also less digestible than meat protein and don’t provide your pet with as many benefits as meat protein.

Nutrience foods contain no artificial colours or flavours. Why add artificial colours and flavours to food? These ingredients make food more appealing and palatable, and can help your pet enjoy his meal. But studies on humans have shown that some artificial colours and flavours can be bad for your health. At Nutrience, we believe that nature has provided all the colours and flavours we need for our pets’ food and our own.

Nutrience does not split ingredients. Ingredient-Splitting means dividing a single, less nutritious ingredient into parts so that it falls lower on a pet food’s ingredient list. Some companies do this to maintain a desired ingredient as number #1 on their ingredient list, or to disguise how much of a particular ingredient – often a grain such as rice – is in their food.

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