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Known for breakthrough filtration technologies, Marineland now offers a full range of aquariums and accessories for beginners and hobbyists alike. Marineland’s 40-year history is rich with innovation. Our company’s success and our dedication to the advancement of aquatic science is a continuing story. For more than 40 years, Marineland has been committed to fishkeeping success. By applying biological science, advanced engineering and imagination to fishkeeping, the Marineland brand continues to be the leader in innovative aquatic environments, equipment and kits – allowing hobbyists to create the ultimate freshwater, marine and reef aquariums.

At Marineland, innovation is not a buzzword. It is the foundation of everything we do and everything we stand for. Perhaps it has something to do with our legacy, which can be traced back to Marineland of the Pacific, the first oceanarium in the United States and one of the first parks where hard science and entertainment came together for the benefit of the public. Or perhaps it has something to do with our founder, Robert Sherman, whose spirit of innovation propelled Marineland to become the premier provider of high-quality aquariums and accessories.

Whatever the case, innovation is in our DNA. Our commitment to research and development was solidified in 1990 when Marineland Labs opened in Moorpark, California. Our scientists in those labs literally redefined aquarium science when they discovered that the nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in aquariums are members of the genus Nitrospira, not the genus Nitrobacter. Marineland Labs also developed the science behind BIO-Wheel and BIO-Spira, two products that have revolutionized fish keeping.

Today, as a United Pet Group company, Marineland is more committed to R&D than ever. Our labs are now located in Germany and in Blacksburg, Virginia, but our goal remains the same: To demystify the science of fish keeping and to incorporate the latest advances in aquatic science in every product we make.

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