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Dogs, Cats, Birds & Small Animals

It’s the original home of LM Farms™, a family originated business that loves pets, and loves taking care of them.

That’s how we got started, making food for small animals and birds. We made what we needed, the rest we sold. People seemed to like it, so we made more. Over time we decided to cook up recipes for small batch treats, natural food supplements, grooming blends and more. We get as much of the stuff we need from as close to home as possible – fresh from folks we know and trust. This is what makes our products so alive with natural goodness.

There are a few basic ideals in which we believe at LM Farms™. They should tell you everything you need to know about us.

  • The simple things, the honest things, are still the best. We believe the best things in life are grown on a farm.

  • Our pets are outdoors all day – they work and they play hard. The products we make, we make with our pets in mind – they deserve our very best.

  • Many of the mass-produced products you buy are made without heart, soul or conscience. We do our best to put all those values into our products.

  • Whenever possible, your pet’s products should be made in small batches, with someone watching the pot.

  • Our products are not over-packaged; we believe that simple packaging is best for you and the environment. Our recyclable packaging not only looks good but it also maintains product freshness.

  • There are a few farmers around the country who still do things the old-fashioned way, and we buy as much of their fruits, meats and vegetables as we can.

  • We don’t like crowds. There are fewer than 200 people who live in Pleasant Plain, Ohio – which is where you can find us and our values.

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