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For over 30 years, Habitrail has built a solid reputation for developing creative and reliable ways to house hamsters, dwarf hamsters and mice safely. There is nothing like Habitrail.

Habitrail offers an amazing variety of wildly imaginative living spaces for small animals such as hamsters, dwarf hamsters and mice. Unique, innovative and contemporary, Habitrail is renowned for its product creativity, ingenuity, reliability and safety.

Habitrail’s creative habitats and trails create virtually endless setup variations, and its tunnel-like concept replicates real-life burrowing conditions that hamsters, dwarf hamsters and mice enjoy. Habitrail also has many access points that allow close interaction with hamsters, dwarf hamsters and mice.

The Habitrail line of products has been completely redesigned, re-tooled and reinvigorated. Our new simple to assemble products can be put together in as little as 60 seconds, no engineering degree needed. With Habitrail® OVO, you have total access to the daily life of your hamster. You can enjoy watching your hamster play and scurry through the clear, colorful tubing; burrow and chew his cardboard maze or grab a snooze in any of the Habitrail® OVO units.

Since no Habitrail product would be complete without Add-Ons and Add-ins, we studied every detail of hamster life to create innovatively designed accessories that will increase your hamster’s quality of life and your enjoyment.

Habitrail® OVO is a fun, exciting, expandable and creative environment that you and your pet will enjoy for years. Habitrail® OVO lets your hamster climb and explore as it would in nature. With the use of Add-Ons and Trails you can create additional living spaces for your hamster, creating tunnels and burrows that can be used to store food, to sleep or to simply discover.

Habitrail® OVO homes are made so your hamster has one main room, to which you can then extend by adding a variety of different Add-Ons and Trails for your pet to explore. All Habitrail® OVO units are designed with plenty of ventilation holes to make sure that your hamster gets all the air it needs.

Habitrail® OVO makes it even safer for you to build passage ways for your pet. With the use of the patented Lock Connector, found only with Habitrail, you can securely connect the Add-Ons and Trails in place.

Habitrail® OVO makes it easy to keep your pet’s home clean. The Habitrail® OVO Pad, Suite and Mazes have high walls to keep your hamster’s bedding inside the cage, not all over your table or floor. All Habitrail® OVO components can be easily removed and pulled apart for cleaning. Each Trail is made of two pieces and can be separated for easy cleaning.

Check out the new and exciting Habitrail® OVO line today!

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