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With the growing popularity of small water gardens and deck-type ponds, AquA AnimaniA provides a range of easy-to-install, space-saving pond kits. Each pond kit can quickly be set up to produce an attractive water display almost anywhere around the house-in backyards, sundecks or front porches.

Installing a pond kit can be relatively easy. We have pond kits available that come with everything you need. This will save all the time and guesswork from figuring out what pond supplies you need while saving you money.

Pond kits come with a water pump, a fish pond filter and a pond liner. In addition, they come with a certain length of tubing, all the connectors you need, underlayment for under the rubber liner, a waterfall unit, skimmer and some come with lights and beneficial bacteria.

Certain deluxe pond kits come with everything listed above in addition to a pond drain. This drain has many advantages including getting rid of the silt and wastes that can collect on the bottom of the fish pond while circulating the water in the deepest part of the pond up to the waterfall area so it gets oxygenated well.

The size of the pump, liner, skimmer and all the pond equipment have already been paired up and put together in a pond kit so you can create a pond for a certain size. All of this takes into account the amount of gallons the pond holds, the distance the waterfall would be from the skimmer and the length of tubing to connect the waterfall to the skimmer where the pump sits inside.

Once you’ve determined what size of fish pond or garden pond you want, you can choose the size of pond kit you need. We always recommend to go for a bigger pond than what you may think you might want as this hobby is rather addictive and you may soon want a larger size.

To prepare the site, you will have to take a few things into consideration. First, decide exactly where you want to install your pond kit. Choose the best location that is visible from your outdoor garden area and inside your home. Be sure to check with local city ordinances whether you can have a fish pond or water garden. Some cities may require your yard to be fenced in so ask before you do any planning.

You may think that if you have a koi pond that you need to have a koi pond kit. There’s no difference between this type of kit and the kits we offer. They are the same – just different words. If you do plan on having any type of pond fish I would definitely recommend getting a pond kit with a bottom drain. It really is that beneficial to spend the extra money for this feature.

So, once your pond kit has arrived, you will want to drawn an area on your grass where you want to build your pond. Use a garden hose to determine the size and shape of the pond. Garden hoses work well by determining the pond’s design as it has a lot of flow and give and is easy to work with.

Next, you’ll want to spray in where the shelves will go and the deeper section of the pond. Unwrap your pond kit and place the skimmer at the opposite end of the pond as the preformed waterfall unit. This is so you have optimal water flow throughout the pond. The pump that sits inside the skimmer sucks in the water and brings it back to the pond via the waterfall located at the opposite end.

The outer shelf will be 6″ deep, the inside shelf will be 18 – 24″ deep. Both shelves should be at least 12 – 24″ wide. The deeper area should be half the size of the entire pond so the fish have plenty of room to swim. You may be getting all flustered by these dimensions and information. Remember, we have a complete online course for building a pond and that includes those built with a pond kit!

One thing that is not included in your pond kit are plant pots. They are available in different sizes and shapes on our site. One thing that pond specialists may do is actually dig little pockets within each shelf so they can put their pond plant right into this little hole. This can be quite beautiful when done correctly.

Basically, you dig the hole approx. 10 – 12″ in diameter. (This is why the shelves should be at least 18 – 24″ wide.) When the pond liner is installed you press in these pocket areas and then lay your water lilies or other pond plants in these pockets and top with pea gravel. You won’t need soil. This way, the plant looks like it’s growing naturally within the garden pond and you won’t have to see any plant pots.

It’s important to know that your pond kit will require electricity. You will need to have GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlets installed near the pond, particularly where you have your skimmer as the pond pump will require electricity and the pump will be located in the skimmer. Also, it’s a good idea to have at least one whole circuit, if not more, installed at your pond. This extra power will be for a UV clarifier that you may want to get in the future, pond lights, a pond heater or pond deicer and an aerator, if needed. It’s always better to have more circuits than not enough. Like I mentioned earlier, having a koi fish pond or water garden pond can be addictive so plan ahead particularly for your electricity.

Most pond kits include pond bacteria which is essential for having a healthy, clear pond. It’s imperative to use it if you have a fish pond, too. The bacteria is the number one thing you want in your koi pond or water garden. It converts wastes in the pond from organic matter, fish excretions, carbon dioxide excreted from the pond fish, etc. into harmless and useful chemicals. This is referred to as the nitrogen cycle. I know this may be a bit overwhelming right now, just know that you absolutely need to add pond bacteria to your fish pond or garden pond.

Also worth noting is that our pond kits are completely fish safe. The pump, skimmer, pond waterfall, pond liner and everything else are all fish-safe products. The rubber pond liner typically has a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty and the water pump usually has 1-5 year warranty. So, feel comfortable that everything is fish-safe.

Pond kits are usually the best buy with getting all of the pond products you need all at one time. We’ve done all the math required to determine exactly what products are needed for a specific size of pond and then give you a great savings when you purchase of of these pond products together in one complete, pond kit. They’re really the way to go!

Besides offering a variety of pond kits, we have several thousand pond products for ponds of every size – from the very tiny patio ponds all the way up to ponds and lakes several acres in size. We also offer boat and dock deicers, large aeration systems for a laguna or lake and commercial size pond fountains. Check out all the pond products we offer.

At AquA AnimaniA we’re happy to help you determine what size of pond kit you need and any other questions you may have with building a pond or maintaining one. Remember, we also have information about algae control, hundreds of answers to frequently asked pond questions and so much more throughout our site. Be sure to check it out!

As a side note, be wary of what you read on other websites about pond kits or any type of pond building or pond maintenance information. Often times, these articles are written by some person who doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about and are just hired to write an article that may rank higher in the search engines. Like for this example – for koi pond kits or garden pond kit.

People read information thinking they’re getting expert pond advice but they’re not. They’re just reading an article that has been written strategically for the search engines without any personal knowledge about the subject matter. This is demonstrated everywhere online. So, do yourself a favor, and ask us for assistance for your fish pond or water garden. We’re more than happy to help you and we have many years of experience. Team AquA staff have assisted thousands of customers in Windsor and Essex County over the past several years! Please contact us with any questions you have.

We also offer a variety of products that will help keep your pond clean and healthy. We carry a full line of pond kits, pond supplies, pond accessories, pond products and pond equipment as well as a healthy selection of pond fish and pond plants!

Be sure to inquire, or visit our store and outdoor AquA Gardens in person, to see the complete pond kit selection we have available, in-stock. We can also special order unique items and other products from our vast network of national and international partners and suppliers.

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Updated: June 19 2018


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