AquA Blue$ Bonanza!

AquA Blue$ Bonanza!AquA Blue$ Bonanza!

Come on out and celebrate the blues at the AquA Blue$ Bonanza! SAVE BIG and enhance your life by adding some colourful shades of blue! As Windsor and Essex County gears up for the Blues Fest, AquA AnimaniA is slashing prices on blue birds, blue fish and more!

  • Blue Budgies –> $19.99
  • Blue Angels –> $19.99
  • Blue Bettas –> $2.99
  • Blue Damsels –> $6.99
  • Blue Gouramis –> $2.99
  • Cobalt Blue Discus –> $39.99
  • Electric Blue Lobsters –> $4.99
  • Neon Blue Tuxedo Guppies –> $2.99
  • Med Powder Blue Gouramis –> $4.99
  • Blue Aquarium Backgrounds –> $1/ft
  • Nutrience ® Blue Original Dog Food (40lb) –> $39.99

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