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The Feeder Guppy, also known as Millionfish, Common Guppy, Wild Guppy, are bred as feeder fishes for the big fish to eat them. Feeder guppies can be fancy guppy culls, mutts, bad broodstock or wild forms. Most feeder guppies you see are wild forms with some fancy traits or none. They are not 100% wild guppies. The feeder guppies are more bigger than Endler’s livebearers but smaller than Fancy guppies. The feeder guppies can be attractive as their random patterns and their neon colors are very striking but not striking as Endler’s livebearers. Feeder guppies are much hardier than fancy guppies but because of the feeder fish conditions they in, are always heavily diseased. But with some medical, they are very easy fish to take care of, just add water and they will breed.

Critters that enjoy live foods include Purple Martins, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Pond Fish, Amphibians, Hedgehogs and more!

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