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Triggerfish are very hardy specimens that adapt well to aquarium life if provided with a large tank and ample hiding places. Triggerfish reach an average size of six to ten inches in the home aquarium and often become very aggressive toward the same species and other tank mates. Smaller Triggers grow quickly, and are usually more docile in adulthood than if matured in the wild.

Triggerfish are some of the most intelligent, hearty and attractive fish available to the marine aquarist. Named for their “trigger” which they use to secure themselves inside crevices in the reef, triggerfish are gregarious and readily recognizable fishes that can either be a fantastic addition to your reef tank or the end of it.

  • Bluejaw Trigger: Female

    Xanthichthys auromarginatus (M)

  • Bluejaw Trigger: Male

    Xanthichthys auromarginatus (M)

  • Crosshatch Trigger: Male

    Xanthichthys mento (M/L)

  • Crosshatch Trigger: Female

    Xanthichthys mento (M/L)

  • Bluejaw Trigger: Female; Hawaii

    Xanthichthys auromarginatus (M/L)

  • Black Trigger

    Melichthys indicus (M)

  • Undulate – Orange Green Triggerfish

    Balistapus undulatus (S/M)

  • Picasso Trigger

    Rhinecanthus aculeatus (S)

  • Rectangle Trigger

    Rhinecanthus sp (S/M)

  • Bluejaw Trigger: Male; Hawaii

    Xanthichthys auromarginatus (M/L)

  • Niger Trigger

    Odonus niger (S)

  • Pink Tail Trigger

    Melichthys vidua

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Updated: July 16 2012


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