Flashing Tile Goby

Flashing Tile Goby - Hoplolatilus chlupatyi

Hoplolatilus chlupatyi

As its name, the Flashing Tile Goby (Hoplolatilus chlupatyi), suggests this stunning little fish has the ability to flash different colors putting on quite a show. Unfortunately these fish often succumb to stress from collection and shipment. Their spooky nature is a doubled edge sword, they are easily stressed, but this is also what triggers frequent flashing. In the wild it serves as an effective camouflage mechanism to avoid predators.

Hoplolatilus chlupatyi does well with its own kind. In fact, it forms monogamous pairs which can make a stunning showpiece pair for aquariums. This species is reef safe, in fact I would only recommend them for reefs given how timid and finicky they can be. The Flashing Tile Goby requires a sand bed which they will use to burrow in to hide. Open sand for retreat and ample hiding places are encouraged.

Like wrasses, they are also very effective jumpers and get scared easily. A screen top with opening no larger than 0.25″ is a must, or carpet surfing will be inevitable. Like anthias, tilefish are zooplankton feeders and require frequent feedings (3xs/day) of meaty fare.

Feeding is typically not difficult, however, getting them comfortable with captive life and other fishes is a different story. That said, under the care of experienced aquarists they are one of the most interesting and colorful fishes to care for.

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