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Tilefishes generally occur in sandy areas, frequently near reefs. They are characterized by a elongate, somewhat compressed body a long-based; continuous dorsal fin with 22-84 elements (spines plus segmented rays); and a single, sharp opercular spine. The teeth are mainly small and villiform and teeth are lacking on the roof of the mouth.

Dartfish make excellent aquarium species; tilefish do not. Having said that, the knowledgeable aquarists can have success (and failure) with either fish. The former, a goby, is distinctive looking and makes an excellent addition to a marine set-up. The latter, with few exceptions, is infamous for having a short lifespan. It is advisable to act accordingly.

  • Golden Tile Goby

    Hoplolatilus Sp (S)

  • Red Skunk Tile Goby

    Hoplolatilus marcosi

  • Purple Tile Goby

    Hoplolatilus purpureus

  • BlueFace Tile Goby

    Hoplolatilus starcki

  • Flashing Tile Goby

    Hoplolatilus chlupatyi

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Updated: July 16 2012


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