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Rabbitfishes are underappreciated in the hobby. While they may lack some of the pizzazz of more ostentatious species, they are both hardy and interesting to observe in the home aquarium. Despite their poisonous spines, some rabbitfishes are without parallel for their disease resistance, algae-eating capability and beauty, and they can be an outstanding addition to a marine aquarium.

Rabbitfish, found in shallow lagoons in the Indo-Pacific and eastern Mediterranean, have small, hare-like mouths, large dark eyes, and a peaceful temperament, which gives them their name. They are colorful, and have well developed, venomous dorsal and anal fin spines.

Use caution when handling these fish, as the spines will inflict a painful sting. It is best to use two nets to corral these fish into a container, rather than a single net to transfer these fish. These fish are very hardy and disease resistant and make an excellent addition to a medium- to large-sized saltwater aquarium.

Rabbitfish are one of the few species that will eat problematic Bryopsis algae. Even though these fish are herbivores, use caution if they are to be housed in a reef aquarium, as they may nip at some corals and sessile invertebrates.

  • Foxface

    Siganus vulpinus (S/M)

  • Golden Rabbit Fish

    Siganus puelloides (M)

  • Blue line Rabbit Fish

    Siganus puellus

  • Magnificent Foxface

    Siganus magnificus (L)

  • Starry Rabbit Fish

    East Africa; Siganus Stellatus (M/L)

  • Scribbled Rabbit Fish

    Siganus virgatus (S/M)

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Updated: July 16 2012


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