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Most species of Puffers reach approximately eight inches in length with the exception of the Canthigaster Puffers, which reach an average size of only three inches. Puffers are relatively hardy and adapt well to captivity if provided with swimming room, a varied meaty diet, and a few hiding places.

Pufferfish; anthropomorphically-speaking are perhaps the best “pets” in the entire hobby. They are endearing, long-lived and remarkably expressive. While they do require specialized feeding, puffers are generally hardy and straightforward when it comes to their care. It’s difficult to not fall for these engaging fish—in no time even their messiness will seem cute.

  • Immaculate Puffer

    Arothron immaculatus (S)

  • Dogface Puffer

    Arothron nigropunctatus (S/M)

  • Mappa Puffer

    Arothron Mappa (M)

  • Porcupine Puffer

    Diodon holocanthus (M/L)

  • Stellatus Puffer

    Arothron Stellatus (S)

  • Striped Dogface Puffer

    Arothron manilensis (L)

  • Star & stripes puffer

    Arothron Sp (L)

  • Peacock Puffer

    Canthigaster magaritatus (S)

  • Valentini Puffer

    Canthigaster valentini (S)

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Updated: July 16 2012


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