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Invertebrates, which represent more than 95% of the known species on Earth, are animals without backbones. Diverse, interesting, colorful, and unusual, marine invertebrates make great additions to your home saltwater aquarium.

  • Strawberry Conch

    (Best Diatom eater for sand bed surface)

  • Emerald Crabs

  • Blue eye/Knuckle Hermit

  • Red Scarlet Hermit

  • Zebra Hermit

  • Giant Red Hermit

    (non-reef safe)

  • Arrow Crabs

  • Red Sea Cucumber

    (Filter Feeding)

  • Yellow Sea Cucumber

    (Filter feeding)

  • Flatworm eating Nudibranch

  • Reef Octopus


  • Seahares


  • Bumble Bee Snails

    Engina sp

  • Cerith snails

    Cerithium sp

  • Magarita snails

    Margarites pupillus

  • Nassarius

    (Larger Pacific type)

  • Trochus

    (Black Foot)

  • Tectus Sp

  • West Indian Star Snails

    Lithopoma tectum

  • Mexican Turbo

    Turbo fluctuosus

  • Cat Eye Turbo

    Turbo petholatus

  • Tiger Nassarius

    (Orange Spotted) (L)

  • Blood Shrimps

    Lysmata debelius(L)

  • Cleaner Shrimps


  • Coral Banded Shrimps

    Stenopus hispidus

  • Mantis Shrimp


  • Peppermint Shrimps

    Lysmata wurdemanni

  • Banded Serpant Starfish

  • White Sand Sifting Starfish

  • Red Formia Starfish


  • Orange/Red Linkia Starfish


  • Tuxedo sea Urchin


  • Long Spine Black Sea Urchin


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Updated: July 16 2012


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