Flame Hawkfish – Neocirrhites armatus

Flame Hawkfish - Neocirrhites armatus

Neocirrhites armatus

The Flame Hawkfish (Neocirrhites armatus) has a bright red body with a black stripe down the dorsal side and a little bit of black behind the eyes.

Hawkfish are generally hardy fish with tons of “personality”. They do not have swim bladders like most other fish and can usually be found perching on the substrate or rockwork. When a potential meal or invaders to their territorial swims (or crawls) by, the hawkfish will swoop in like their avian namesakes. They are always alert and will “hop” from perch to perch to investigate their surroundings.

These fish can be kept with most other tankmates in a community or reef aquarium. Aside from any irritation that their perching may cause, they will not bother or damage corals and stationary invertebrates. They will, however, prey on smaller tankmates and crustaceans like shrimp.

Hawkfish are not picky eaters and will almost always act hungry. They can be fed a variety of size-appropriate meaty foods (various types of shrimp, scallop, krill, fish flesh, plankton, squid, etc.) and most will also accept prepared foods like flakes and pellets. Larger hawkfish can be given live ghost shrimp as an occasional treat.

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