Panther Grouper

Panther Grouper - Cromileptes altivelis

Cromileptes altivelis

The Panther Grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) is also known as the Humpback Grouper due to its unique body shape. It has a white body with black polka-dots as a juvenile. As they mature, the body becomes brown/grey with black spots. Although these fish are typically sold as cute, tiny juveniles, the adult size is often too large for most aquarists to handle.

Although Groupers and Hinds may be popular with seafood enthusiasts, many are also popular aquarium fish. Groupers and Hinds (terms that are sometimes used interchangeably) are usually found at or near the bottom and perch in, around or on rockwork and substrate.

Groupers are predators and will eat almost anything small enough to fit into their (considerably sized) mouths, including small fish and invertebrates like shrimp and crabs. Feed a varied diet of frozen or fresh meaty items in the aquarium. Some fish may require live foods at first to trigger a feeding response but can usually be weaned onto frozen or prepared foods in time. Take care that all tankmates are getting fed, as more reclusive groupers may be outcompeted by more aggressive feeders, and some more aggressive groupers may eat more than their share and not allow other tankmates to feed.

Most groupers will not eat or disturb corals and sessile (stationary) invertebrates but species that perch on surfaces may irritate or damage the corals by this behavior alone. Many of these fish also grow very large and need a very large aquarium with ample filtration to accommodate them.

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