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Blennies are a calm, bottom dwelling fish. From the brightly colored Canary Blenny to the serene looking Striped Blenny, these captivating fish like to find a small place to hide in your tank.

Blennies reach a size of three inches and are typically bottom dwellers. Blenny Fish are somewhat territorial in nature, and only one species per tank is recommended. Extensive rockwork and a good growth of microalgae are necessary to successfully maintain them in captivity.

  • Bicolor Blenny

    Ecsenius bicolor

  • Blackcomb Blenny

    Atrosalarias fuscus (M/L)

  • Forktail Blenny

    Meicanthus atrodorsalis

  • Lawnmower Blenny

    East Africa; Salarias fasciatus (S/M)

  • Red Scooter Blenny; Maldives

    Synchiropus ocellatus (M)

  • Red Spotted Blenny

    Blenniella chrysospilos

  • Smith’s Blenny

    Meiacanthus smithi (M)

  • Starry Blenny

    Salarias ramosus (M)

  • Tailspot Blenny

    Ecsenius stigmatura (M)

  • Horseface Blenny

    Ophioblennius atlanticus (M)

  • Striped Blenny

    Meiacanthus grammistes (M)

  • Midas Blenny

    Ecsenius midas (M)

  • Redlip Blenny

    Ophioblennius macclurei (M)

  • Mossambicus Blenny; East Afrcia

    Meicanthus Mossambicus (M)

  • Yellow Tail Blenny

    Ecsenius sp (M)

  • Two Spot Blenny

    Ecsenius bimaculatus

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Updated: July 16 2012


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