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Dwarf Angels are among the most colorful and popular of marine angel fish species. Growing to about four inches in length, these mild tempered fish adapt well to captivity and are compatible with many other species.

Large Angels are among the most popular fish for the home saltwater aquarium, and most marine angelfish adapt well to captivity. The diet of Large Angels consists of microalgaes, macroalgaes, sponges, and zooplankton. It is advisable not to introduce Angels from the same genus into one aquarium, as fighting will usually occur.

  • Bicolor Angel

    Centropyge bicolor (SM)

  • Blue Angel: Juv; Atl.

    Holacanthus bermudensis (S)

  • Blue Angel: Atl.

    Holacanthus bermudensis (M)

  • Blueface Angel

    Pomacanthus xanthometopon (L)

  • Blueface Angel: Subadult

    Pomacanthus xanthometopon (S)

  • Bellus Lyretail Angelfish; Female

    Genichanthus bellus

  • Blue-Ring Angelfish (Adult)

    Pomacanthus annularis (M/L/XL/Jumbo)

  • Blue-Girdled Angelfish (Adult)


  • Chrysurus Angel; Afr.

    Pomacanthus chrysurus (L)

  • Chrysurus Angel; Afr. Juv;

    Pomacanthus chrysurus (M)

  • Coral Beauty Angel

    Centropyge bispinosus (M)

  • Cream Angel

    Apolemichthys xanthurus (M/L)

  • Eibl’s Angel

    Centropyge eibli (S)

  • Flame Angel; Mar.

    Centropyge loriculus (M)

  • Goldflakes Angel

    Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus (M)

  • Half Black Angel

    Centropyge vroliki (S)

  • Imperator Angel: Juv

    Pomacanthus imperator (L)

  • Imperator Angel: Adult

    East Africa;Pomacanthus imperator (SM)

  • Imperator Angel: X’mas Is: Adult

    Pomacanthus imperator (M)

  • Koran Angel Juv

    Pomacanthus semicirculatus (M)

  • Japanese Swallowtail

    Genicanthus melanospilos (Female) (S/M)

  • Lemon Peel Angel

    Centropyge Sp (M)

  • Lamark Angel

    Genicanthus lamarck (L)

  • Multy-barred Angelfish

    Paracentropyge multifasciatus (M)

  • Regal Angel

    Pygoplites diacanthus (S/M)

  • Yellow Belly Regal Angel

    Pygoplites diacanthus

  • Maculosus Angel; Red Sea

    Pomacanthus maculosus (M)

  • Maculosus Angel; East Africa

    Pomacanthus maculosus (Juv)

  • Asfur Angel; Red Sea

    Pomacanthus asfur (M)

  • Majestic Angel

    Pomacanthus navarchus (XL)

  • Melas (Keyhole) Angel

    Centropyge tibicen (S)

  • Midnight (Nox) Angel

    Centropyge nox (S)

  • Multicolor Angel; Mar.

    Centropyge multicolor (S)

  • Potters Angel; Hawaii

    Centropype Potteri

  • Queen Angel; Atlantic

    Holacantus Cellari (S/M/L)

  • Cherub Angel; Alt.

    Centropyge Argi (S)

  • Rock Beauty; Juv. – Alt.

    Holacanthus tricolor (S)

  • Chaetodontoplus duboulayi; Aus.

    Scribbled Angel Fish (M/L)

  • Chaetodontoplus personifer; Aus.

    Personifer Angel (M/L)

  • French Angel; Med. – Alt.

    Pomacanthus Paru (S/M/L)

  • Yellow Angel

    Centropype Heraldi (S/M)

  • Flameback Angel; East Africa

    Centropyge acanthops (S/M)

  • Rusty Angel

    Centropyge ferrugatus (S/M)

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Updated: July 16 2012


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