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AquA AnimaniA is your #1 local source for Comet Goldfish. The Comet Goldfish, also called the Comet-tail Goldfish, are a ‘reddish orange’ colored goldfish that are inexpensive and readily available. This fish was the first variety of the single-tail goldfish to be developed with a long caudal (tail) fin. It was developed in the United States from the Common Goldfish in the early 19th century, presumably by Hugo Mullert of Philadelphia who then introduced them in quantity into the market. Though they are a bit smaller goldfish than the Common Goldfish, they are every bit as durable and can be kept in either an aquarium or in an outdoor pond.

These fish can be quite personable and are delightful to watch. One of the hardiest of the gold fish varieties, the Comet Goldfish are recommended for beginners. They are an easy fish to keep as they are not picky and will readily eat what is offered. These are some of the most graceful of the elongated goldfish, emphasized by their long tail. They are active, rapid swimmers and will sometimes tend to leap out of the water, so having a lid on an aquarium is good idea. They are also very social and thrive well in a community.

The Comet Goldfish is very similar to, and sometimes confused with, the Common Goldfish. The Comet Goldfish is a further development of the Common Goldfish. Both these fish have an almost identical body shape but the fins on the Comet are much longer, especially the caudal (tail) fin, and it is more deeply forked. Also, the Comet is generally a more reddish orange while the Common Goldfish is more orangish. The adult size of the Comet Goldfish is smaller too. On both these fish the caudal (tail) fin is held fully erect.

Comet Goldfish, often called the Pond Comet, are primarily a reddish orange color, but they are also available in yellow, orange, white, and red. There is also a bi-color red/white combination and occasionally they are available with nacreous (pearly) scales, giving them a variegated color.

Other types of Comet include the Sarasa Comet. This variety has long flowing fins and is characterized by a red-and-white coloration that holds a resemblance to a koi color pattern called ‘Kohaku’. The Tancho Single-tail Comet is a silver colored variety with a red patch on its head.

Along with the other elongated goldfish, such as the Common Goldfish and the Shubunkin Goldfish, the Comet varieties make good pond fish. They are hardy and can tolerate cold water temperatures. They are moderate in size but are active and fast, so will get along well with Koi. Also Comets usually won’t uproot plants, but they will readily spawn so can quickly overpopulate your pond.

Comet Goldfish are some of the hardier species of goldfish. They are very undemanding of water quality and temperature. They can do well in goldfish aquariums, a pond, or even a goldfish bowl when small, as long as the environment is safe and their tank mates are not competitive.

Many people will keep goldfish in small one or two gallon goldfish bowls with no heater or filtration. But for the best success in keeping goldfish, provide them the same filtration, especially biological filtration, that other aquarium residents enjoy.

Since they are omnivorous, the Comet Goldfish will generally eat all kinds of fresh, frozen, and flake foods. To keep a good balance give them a high quality flake food everyday. To care for your goldfish, feed brine shrimp (either live or frozen), blood worms, Daphnia, or tubifex worms as a treat. It is usually better to feed freeze-dried foods as opposed to live foods to avoid parasites and bacterial infections that could be present in live foods.

Goldfish are very social animals and thrive in a community. Not only are they a great community fish but they are great scavengers as well. It is really not necessary to add other scavengers or other bottom feeders to the aquarium when you have goldfish.

Most fancy goldfish will thrive in both freshwater and tropical aquariums as long as there are no aggressive or territorial fish in the tank. Some good tank mates for fancy goldfish are the Chinese Blue Bitterling and the Northern Redbelly Dace. Comet Goldfish can be kept with other varieties of elongated goldfish, such as the Common Goldfish and the Shubunkin, and they also do fine with Koi.

AquA AnimaniA is your #1 local source for Comet Goldfish and other freshwater fish, saltwater fish and pond fish, plus a wide variety of small animals, pets, amphibians, reptiles and more! To properly care for your pets, we also carry a comprehensive and extensive line of pet supplies including equipment, foods, treats, aquariums, tanks, cages, supplies and toys for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, exotic pets and critters.

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Updated: June 19 2018


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