Zebra Obliquidens

Zebra Obliquidens - Astatotilapia latifasciata

Astatotilapia latifasciata

This beautiful cichlid from the Lake Victoria region features a silver body with wide, black, triangle-shaped markings along the dorsal half. Dominant males will develop a bright red patch on the belly, and a yellow area towards the tail. Females may have varying amounts of yellow coloration.

They are easily bred in captivity, keep in a grouping of one male to several females. This species isn’t particularly aggressive and males displaying aggression toward each other actually stimulates the rest of the population to breed.

Possible tankmates for this cichlid include smaller Mbuna species, as well as Peacock cichlids. They will enjoy the same basic tank conditions, with plenty of rockwork and open swimming areas.

The Zebra obliquidens will eat a variety of foods including a well-balanced cichlid flake or pellet and the occasional meaty frozen foods.

The region from which these fish derive is disappearing rapidly. Soon, these fish will only be found in aquaria.

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