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AquA AnimaniA is your #1 local source for freshwater barbs and tropical fish. Trust AquA AnimaniA for the highest quality and healthiest freshwater tropical fish species in the industry. We also carry a full line of pet fish supplies, aquariums, aquarium kits, aquarium supplies, aquarium filters, aquarium products and aquarium equipment.

  • Tiger Barb (M)

  • Odessa Barb

  • Albino Tiger Barb

  • Red Glass Barb

  • Cherry Barb

  • Gold Barb

  • Redtail Tinfoil Barb (S,2″,4″)

  • Gold Tinfoil Barb (1.5″,2″)

  • Rosy Barb (L)

  • Rosy Barb: Male

  • Longfin Rosy Barb (L)

  • Green Tiger Barb (M)

  • Longfin Rosy Barb: Male

  • Gold Rosy Barb

Barbs are small, colorful, active fish ideally suited for the community aquarium. These hardy fish are predominately found in Southeast Asia, but some species may be found in Africa and India. Currently, most species are bred commercially both overseas and in the U.S., making these fish ideal candidates for both the beginner and expert aquarist.

Barbs consist of some of the most popular of all tropical fish, adding color, interest, and beauty to any larger community aquarium. These fish are active schooling fish that require plenty of swimming room and a tight fitting lid, as they are prone to leaping out of the aquarium when startled.

Barbs are semi-aggressive fish when housed in the aquarium individually, so it is important to maintain each species in groups of six or more. This technique will minimize aggression towards more passive tank mates.

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Updated: July 16 2012


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