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Looking to buy your first aquarium? The Marina Style 10 Aquarium Kit is the perfect choice for novice fish hobbyists.

The kit comes complete with everything you need to make your first venture into the wonderful world of fish-keeping an easy and enjoyable experience. Plus the aquarium’s sleek design style will make a great new addition to your home decor.

The Marina Style 10 Aquarium Kit contains:
– a 38-litre (10 U.S. gallon) glass aquarium
– a Marina Slim S15 clip-on filter with quick-change filter cartridges
– an incandescent canopy and bottom frame with two 15-watt clear bulbs
– Nutrafin Max fish food to keep fish healthy
– Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner
– Nutrafin Cycle Biological Supplement
– a fish net
– a thermometer
– aquarium care guide

-Dimensions: 50 x 25 x 30 cm (20 x 10 x 12 in)

Other sizes available: Marina Style 5 Glass Aquarium kit, 38 L (10 U.S. gal)

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