SpongeBob Fish ‘n Coral Aquarium Décor for Your Wet Pets!

SpongeBob, Dora and the Whole Gang!!!

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Desk Top Mini Fish Aquariums for Your Wet Pets ‘n Corals!

Unique Mini Wonders…
Big Look, Small Space!!

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Recreate the Underwater World of “FINDING NEMO” 3-D Adventure!

“Finding Nemo” 3-D Adventure In “Your Own Aquarium!”

25% OFF All “Nemo” 3-D Ornaments and Aquariums!
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Aquarium Blowout Party for Your Wet Pets and Corals!

Mega Aquarium Blowout! Fantastic Deals on Filtration, Glass Tops, Wood Canopies, Wood Stands and Decor!

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55 gal 48x13x20 –> $89.99
60 gal 48x13x24 –> $119.99
75 gal 48x18x21 –> $108.99
90 gal 48x18x24 –> $168.99
110 gal 48x18x30 –> $299.99
120 gal 48x24x24 –> $299.99
120 gal 60x18x26 –> $239.99
125 gal 72x18x22 –> $289.99
150 gal 48x24x30 –> $369.99
150 gal 72x18x28 –> $429.99
180 gal 72x24x24 –> $499.99
220 gal 72x24x30 –> $599.99
265 gal 84x24x30–> $939.99
265 gal (2 overflows) –> $1249.99
300 gal 72x36x27 –> $1249.99

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Holiday Pet Savings Now… Aquariums for Your Fish ‘n Corals!

Christmas Pet Savings Now!! Aquariums for Your Fish N Corals!

Tetra Aquarium Kit Sale!

10 Gallon Starter Kit –> $38.99
10 Gallon Deluxe Kit –> $48.99
20 Gallon Deluxe Kit –> $78.99
30 Gallon Deluxe Kit –> $98.99
55 Gallon Deluxe Kit –> $159.99

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Big Deals on Big 265 Gal Aquariums!

Big Tanks… Fantastic Prices… We Lead Windsor/Essex in Service and Price!

265 Gallon (no drill) –> $939.99

265 Gallon (drilled 2 overflows) –> $1249.99

265 Gallon Tank and Stand Combo –> $1699.99

265 Gallon Tank and Stand Combo (drilled 2 overflows) –> $1999.99


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AquA Blue$ Bonanza!

Come on out and celebrate the blues at the AquA Blue$ Bonanza! SAVE BIG and enhance your life by adding some colourful shades of blue! As Windsor and Essex County gears up for the Blues Fest, AquA AnimaniA is slashing prices on blue birds, blue fish and more! (more…)

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Aquarium MEGA DEALS on NOW!

As our competitors shift into reverse… WE’RE DRIVING FORWARD SALE!


Whether it’s a Coral Reef OR Fresh Water…


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Fish aquarium and filter DEALS for your wet pets!

We Are Relentless! Our Dealz Just Keep Coming!

10 Gallon Aquariums Only $14.99!

Aqueon Quiet Flow 10 Filters (100 Gal/Hr)
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10 Gallon Aquarium Tank PLUS Aqueon Quiet Flow 10 Filter…
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